Saturday, September 28, 2013

UMMC Study Group

A big thank you to Peter Wong for arranging with Dr Mohd Nahar  of UMM sports department. for an exercise related study .Eleven of our Prostrate Support Group members enlisted. The study is scheduled for 6 months. We were weighed in and our baseline body mass and physical fitness recorded.
The following analysis were made for every individual:

Body Composition Analysis.
Muscle Fat Analysis.
Obesity Diagnosis.
Nutrition Evaluation.
Lean mass Evaluation
PBF/Fat Mass Evaluation
Fitness score.
Basal Metabolic Rate.
Body Impedance.

Another process to evaluate our stress tests and VOmax test are scheduled this coming Saturday.

 Dr Mohd Nahar

 KS Wong and Zack with Dr Nahar

 Mr Das weighing in

 Gym equipment

 More equipment

 Spa therapy

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