Sunday, September 22, 2013

Elekta VMAT Radiotherapy

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Doctor John Low also introduced to us the latest machines in radiotherapy. The VMAT is now available in Pantal Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. 


Read Elekta's product description below :

Next generation arc therapy for faster treatments, lower radiation dose to the patient

Elekta VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy) is Elekta’s next generation arc therapy technique that establishes new standards for radiation therapy treatment speed and dose reduction to the patient. With Elekta VMAT, single or multiple radiation beams sweep in uninterrupted arc(s) around the patient, dramatically speeding treatment delivery. Doctors can use Elekta VMAT with complete or partial arc(s) to reduce treatment times from the eight to twelve minutes required for “conventional” radiation therapy to as few as two minutes.
Three-dimensional volume imaging technology integrated into Elekta treatment systems increases the precision of Elekta VMAT. This enables physicians to visualize the tumor target at the time of treatment and to guide therapy that both maximizes the radiation dose to the target and minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissues.
Most important, compared to other commercial arc therapy techniques, Elekta VMAT provides the oncologist with the greatest freedom of choice regarding how the optimal dose will be delivered. This is achieved through the unique flexibility of Elekta treatment systems to simultaneously apply digital control to all treatment parameters, allowing doctors to manipulate the radiation dose and the imaging dose. Both advantages mean patients receive the lowest possible dose outside of the targeted area with their Elekta VMAT treatment.

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