Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alternative Medicine

Do you believe in magic? The sense and nonsense of alternative medicine. This is the latest book by Dr Paul A Offit MD. 

Dr Paul Offit is not the first to write his professional views in this subject. There are many such views of alternative medicines. Some are known variably as alternative, complementary, holistic or intregative medicines. These alternatives to conventional treatments have made it to be mainstream treatments. 

Do you believe in magic? What is magic? But belief is a powerful thing as real as Reality Distortion Fields. Placebo effects are very much a magic syndrome.

Dr Offit argues that there is no such thing as alternative medicines, only medicines that works or medicines that don't work. He also is not in favour of megavitamins and stressed that megavitamins are dangerous. Read about the shocking revelations by Dr Offit.

If you are thinking about alternative medicines, I strongly suggest you read Dr Offit's book, as least as a second opinion. Don't just believe. Whatever your choice, do not forsake conventional treatments. Modern medicines are strictly evidence based and regulated.

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Allen Lai

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