Monday, June 18, 2012

Me, My Cells and I. A Survivor's Seriously Funny Guide to the Science of Cancer.

Do you understand the science of cancer? Seriously I don't either. And it is not funny. Most People, other than medical scientist and oncologists, also do not understand the science of cancer too. The science behind cancer is just too complex and complicated.

Along comes Dave Ames caught unawares with fourth stage prostrate cancer. He chose to fight back. He knew the only way to fight back is to start understanding the complexities behind cancer. He survived to write the title book,  but with a high touch of humour. This is not just another My Way book by a survivor detailing how he did it his way.  Dave Ames knew another plain explanation book on cancer will not drive home the science of cancer, like every other book on cancer.

 Daves Ames wrote in the Introduction of the book:

My friends like to tell me I look pretty good for a dead guy. I am not really dead; its just that I am supposed to be.

In conlusion he wrote:

Not only am I still alive, I managed to emerged from the far side of  radiation with the joyous pleasures of defecation, urination and fornication relatively intact.

Humour and laughter are the best medicence.  This book is a good read. It is not so much as what Daves Ames did or did not do. This book tries to explain the science of cancer at the celluller level. In any case it is worth several readings for the slick tongue in cheek explanations. All thirty chapters in the book.

Google the book for  a full book review.
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