Friday, June 29, 2012

Oxygenating the body

Me finishing the 21Km

I had ran last year's Standard Chartered KL Half Marathon and made it just in time, with only 2 minutes to spare, to collect my finishers medal.I was off the road for the whole running season 2011/2012 until last weekend. I participated again in the Standard Chartered KL Half Marathon, one participant amoung 27,000 participants

I had put alot of efforts to regain my health and confidence. I had the courage but not the form for running. My radiation treatment was and still is zapping up my muscle intensity like no other. My hormonal treatment is zapping up my bone density like sup tulang. But I was glad that my Hypertension, Diabetes and High cholestrol were well managed under medications. I only was in poor vitality and completely out of form for the whole 12 months. I had asked my Oncologist if it was OK to run. He curtly replied "If you still can"

If I still can? This hit me like a ton of rock. If I still can.

I can. I should. I must. Otherwise I would be reduced to pulp unabated. I had started to train daily with whatever strength I could muster. My maximum heart beat rate is 160 beats per minutes,(bpm) given my age and health conditions. My heart beat at rest hovers around 50 — 60 bpm. I had trained hard in my walks and jogs maximising to my heart beat rate occasionally. I was ready for my Marathon run in June 2012. 

Me and my Angels Karen and June

Me collecting my race kit

I was on the start line for the 0600 hrs flag off. As usual I was with the rear group. I was thinking hard; could I do it this time around? 

Me at the start line

I was shocked that my heart was already beating very fast as I left the start line. My heart beat monitor watch read 160 bpm. And I wasn't even excited nor had any warm ups. I had reserved every ounce of strength for the 21km. I could not understand what my body was telling me. What do I do? Abort now. No way, I can do it I said to myself. I only need to rest and calm down. I walked out passed the start line. My heart beat continued to be beat fiecely. I then gave myself 10% more bpm. I will cut off my run and start to rest for a minute or two whenever my heart beat reaches 176 bpm. It was a very high risk to take; running at maximum bpm. I was doing fine. I constantly kept an eye at my watch for the whole run. My heart beat was managed with a narrow window from 160 to 175 bpm. I was on one gear mode, moving at a very controlled pace.

I finished the run at 3 hours 14 minutes, with 16 minutes to spare, to collect my medal. I did it again. I beat my last year's record of 3 hours 28 minutes.

I did it

Will I run again next year?  Definitely. Running oxygenate my body to the fullest.

Take care

Allen Lai


  1. Congrats Allen and thank you for looking for me's always nice to see you .. And you are my angel !!

  2. Allen,
    It's an honour to know a great person like you. I know, in a matter of time when you least expecting it, you can do it. Looking forward to meeting you often at Pulau Bangsar, hahaha!