Friday, June 3, 2016

Bi-annual report June 2016

I had two medical reviews at the IKN and Putrajaya Hospital on 1 June 2016. Overall my health is as best as any 71 year old man can be. But my usual medical pointers are on a slight decline, whilst my PSA has risen slightly to 0.191. The slight rise in my PSA is to be expected but it is not too alarming. My PSA readings are still on the plateau and stable. It would be fluctuating up and down at the base level of 0.18. No real worries there as the DRE done by the doctor showed up normal.

A quick look at my blood test shows:
1. Oxygen level in my body is 95%. Good
2. BP - 131/ 59. Good
3. Pulse - 86 bpm - Good
4. Weight - 70 Kg - Bad, up by about 3 kg. Need to do more exercises.
5. HBA1C - 7.6 - Bad. Rising over the past several months. Need to control my food.
6. LDL -2
7. HDL -1.4
8 Trigs - 2 - Bad. High trigs. Need to lower trigs to below 1.7
9. Urea -3.5
10. Sodium - 139
11. Potassium - 4.6
12. Albumm - 42.
13. Creatinine - 85.

The above tests showed that I am on track in my PSA and health management. However I have slacked in my physical exercises somewhat. Got to get my act together to reduce my weight, and burn up more trigs in my blood. A doable regime.

Take care

Allen Lai

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