Monday, September 12, 2016

I do my biannual checkups with my Urologist in HUKM. My recent visit on 05 September 2016 confirmed that my PSA had maintained its base at 0.19. Yes it looks good. I did not have a slow and steady rise in my PSA readings. My PSA has plateaued out. Hopefully it will allow me more quality time before I face a relapse, if ever. My Urologist said that I am doing well and that I should continue to do whatever that I am doing.

Yes looking after our terrain is paramount to cancer management and coping. After cancer treatments, the ball is on our feet. Our Oncologist had done their part well, we are to do the necessary to maintain our health. We cannot afford to face another battle. That will be too much.

Take care.

Allen Lai


  1. Congrats Allen on your very well controlled PSA readings over the years.
    Do you subscribe to a certain regime in your daily diet, exercise, medication (if any)?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Peter,
    I do not take any more medication for my PCa. But I do take 1000mg of Metformin daily for my Diabetes, which is reported to be good to control Pca. I also take general doses of vitamins C, B complex and B12.
    My daily diet is nothing specific; lots of vegetables, simple oils,and also meat. Yes I do walk and spend quite some time in the sun. Basically I keep as fit as I can and eat moderately. Anything good for the body is good for containing cancer.I let my body do the rest of the job. I also pray daily for good health.