Saturday, March 5, 2016

New PSA baseline for 2016

I reviewed my PSA in HUKM yesterday. My PSA is 0.18. My reading has plateaued at 0.18 and my Urologist had said that it should remain fluctuating at that level, baring any untoward issues.

 I am now into my 6th year post External Beam Radiation and hormone treatments. And although my Gleason score remains at 3+4, I am coping very well. My Urologist suggest that I continue to do what I had being doing all these years. My activities have a great positive impact in controlling my PSA level. He also suggested  that I would be looking at my hormone levels for my next visit.

I attribute my success to my dedication to exercising daily, eating well, and a great change to my lifestyle. My daily prayers are also answered.

My new PSA baseline for 2016 is now 0.18

Take care

Allen Lai

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