Saturday, August 8, 2015

Castrate Resistant Prostrate Cancer - 2013 Perspective by Professor Gavin Marx

The Pca Continuum Chart

There have been tremendous research made and successes achieved in treatments for prostrate cancer in the past 10 years, particularly prostrate cancer in its advanced stage and castrate restistent. The Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Professor Gavin Marx from the Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia published a talk and discussion in U-tube on 16 October 2013.

Some important points to note from the talk are:

Prostrate Cancer is now identified and seen as a heterogeneous disease. Each prostrate cancer patient will definitely respond differently from another patient. Hence individualised treatments are based on the patient.

The use of Taxotere can reduce the risk of death by 24%, the median of survivorship is incereased to 18.9 months and 30% patients treated with Taxotere survived two years more than the previous Mitoxantrone.

Emerging therapies are seen in chemotherapy, targeted therapies and immunotherapy and timming and sequencing the modality is a better option than combination modality. Combinations modalities with biologics are now researched into with clinical trials. Second and Third line therapy is now available. eg. Cabozantonib.

And the best news of all is that newer drugs are now better tolerated.

Listen to the very informative and excellent talk here:

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