Saturday, September 5, 2015

On track with my PSA readings

I am happy today. Very happy. My visit to my Urologist bi-annual reviews on 4 September 2015 showed that my PSA had indeed reduced another notch at 0.16. It is fantastic as this is the second time my PSA had shown a down trend. Do note that I had two doubling times for the first two years post primary treatments.

See my graph above.

I am on track at fighting my PCa. I attribute my success to my Oncologist at the IKN and Urologist at the HUKM hospitals. They have been giving me all their reviews and advice. Of course changing my lifestyle and taking daily exercises were key components to my regime. I pray daily and watch my food intake.

I had posted a theory about the rise and fall of PSA post radiotherapy and hormonal therapy last year. I firmly believe in this theory and it is showing the results in my personal case. My PSA reading should continue to fall in tandem with my new lifestyles and physical activities.

Read my post below:

Today I shall put cancer in the rear seat. My six years battle had made cancer centerstage and now I will have to be focused on my other ailments, namely diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.
Take care

Allen Lai

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