Monday, August 3, 2015

The Emperor of all Maladies

This classic Pulitzer Prize winner book in 2011 is now a sensation on TV production with US prime time PBS TV. The documentary film produced by Ken Burns is scheduled to be viewed over 3 two hours series. The book The Emperor of all Maladies is written by Dr Siddhartha Mukherjee MD, PHD.  Dr Mukherjee is a professor of medicine in Columbia University, USA.

The film is very interesting and worth every minute watching it. It describes the historical biography of cancer, its past and its future. It describes the battles with cancer fought won and lost. And most important of all it describes the fight is now a teamwork with you and your Oncologist fighting back to back to fend off cancer. A fight that can be won with your personal efforts, determination and true grit.

View the first instalment of the TV series on U-tube here :

You will definitely feel better and have a better of understanding of cancer after watching it. Read the book if you have the time.

Take care.

Allen Lai

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