Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Water Secret

It is no secret really. Don't we all know that water is essential to all forms of life? But hey, Dr Howard Murad, MD the author of the above book says it is more complex than that we already know. The truth of the matter is there are two category of water in our body, useful water and waste water. Useful water is what counts most in maintaining a healthy body and healthy life. Useful water is the water that are retained within our cell's membrane. It is in every cell and connecting tissues in our body. Waste water is outside the cells and connecting tissues and are trapped within the space in-between the cells and connecting tissues. Waste water can be harmful to the body as in the case if water retention, due to diseases etc.

The water secret is all about how to capture water and ensure it is kept inside our cell membranes. How do we have a water tight membrane and stop the leakage?

Dr Murad explains the four dimensions in good health; physical, psychological, spiritual and cultural,

Dr Howard Murad explains that nutrients in the fruits, nuts and vegetables are the key to the water secret. The concepts and ideas in this book are simple to understand and practical. Dr Murad proposed a 10 days water secret diet for a healthier and youthful body. A hydrated cell is key to optimal metabolism.

From the bottom up :
 Fruits and Vegetables, Whole grains, Proteins, Fats, Supplements and Water.

Read this book for a new you in 90 days. Don't just drink 8 glasses of water every day. Dr Murad says 'eating your water' is the answer. All foods, particularly fruits and vegetables contain in excess of 80% water content. Water in foods are structured water constituted with nutrient, minerals and vitamins.

What more is there to explain?  Go buy the book.

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