Saturday, June 22, 2013

The End of Illness

This is the most thought provoking book on health I have ever read. Very controversial and boldly argued. Dr David B Agus MD from the University of Southern California, leaves one breathless and somewhat confused with his outrages stand against all that we all know as the golden standards to good health.

He espouses on prevention is better that cure, that our body is a very complex and marvellous complete system and should be viewed in totality.

We do not disagree with him in the complexities of the body.The body is capable to heal itself, if given the chance to do so. There is no right answer to the treatment to illness. Everybody is unique. Knowing our personal health profile and health metrics is the best way to secure a personalised treatment.

He brings forward new findings in the fields of Homeostasis, Metabolomics and metabolic profiling.

Be ready to be shocked and refreshed if you wish to read this book published in 2012. The book need to be read twice. A most convincing guide to some of the most confusing issues currently discussed in popular health writings. It is a dynamic new way of thinking about our health. And it it is about time we do so. It is not a Number One New York Times best seller for nothing.

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Allen Lai

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