Sunday, April 21, 2013

My latest Antioxidant score

My antioxidants score taken on 20 April 2013

It was sometime since I took my scan for antioxidant level, detecting Carotenoids in my body. I did it yesterday and what a reading. 46,000 Hits and in the Green Zone. Antioxidant scores are measured in the number of Hits. Optimal level is more than 60,000 Hits.

A year back, my first antioxidant score was 17,000 Hits falling into the Orange zone. And that was bad. I decided to take supplements to boost my immune system, particularly increasing the vital antioxidants level in my body. Antioxidants are important to fight off cancer and all inflammations.

Over the months my antioxidant level improved as I took my daily supplements, which included multi vitamins and the Gac fruit juice, mentioned in my previous post.

I will achieve the optimal level of antioxidants in the Blue zone in the coming months as I continue to take my daily supplements which guarantees it.

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