Friday, July 13, 2012

The 10 Secrets of 100% of Healthy People

Patrick Holford a leading pioneer in the UK in new approaches to health and nutrition has again written another well researched book of the above title. Yes he had uncovered the 10 secrets to 100% health. Patrick Holford's research are uniquely derived from his empirical studies from his popular feedback and health surveys online site. It is no coincident that his unorthodox findings support and are reasonably consistent to all the scientific and clinical studies.

The book described the holistic approaches to the physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual health of our human bodies. He also acknowledged the vital energy in us, being essentially the qi energy. It is most important that we understand the six core biochemical  processes that keep us healthy. These critical biochemical processes are Glycation, Methylation, Oxidation, Lipidation, Hydration and Digestion and Absorption. All the above processes should be balanced and harmonized.

The book firstly evaluate your health in a series of well designed questionnaires.  It then discusses the 10 secrets and finally provide you with an action plan for you towards your 100% health.

Google or go to your nearest bookstore to review the book. The 10 secrets of 100% healthy people is a good book to refer for your health status.

Visit his website for a better review of your health status.

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