Friday, July 13, 2012

10 Health Benefits of Swimming

Pulau Bangsar

How am I ? Fine and in the best of health I would say. But then could I be in better health? Well not actually100% healthy but at least within the realms of good health. I rediscovered an old exercise. Yes Swimming. That will be what I will be focused on from now.

As I live in Bukit Damansara, the nearest public pool is at the Pusat Sukan Bangsar about 5 km away. I have allotted twice a week at least for my swimming exercise. And I get to enhance my mental and social health to boot. There are several elderly people who have been into swimming on a daily basic in Bangsar. Their ages range upwards of seventies. The oldest being 84. Talking to these elderly gems is pleasantly delightful and fun. Imagine when we discussed the various beautiful places in all the Pulaus in Malaysia. We unanimously agreed that we enjoy Pulau Bangsar nonetheless. Thanks to my new friend Encik Kassim who had encouraged me to swim by discussing my poor swim strokes and how to correct them. He introduced me to learn swimming online by visiting A fantastic website to learn how to relax and swim gracefully.

Me in my attire twice a week

Allow me to quote Michael Franco in revealing the 10 health benefits of Swimming.

In the 1985 Ron Howard movie "Cocoon," a group of elderly adults discovers that a nearby swimming pool has the power to imbue them with new strength, enhanced energy and a more youthful sense of well-being. While the cause of their new lease on life turns out to be from another planet, it doesn't take alien technology to reap the benefits of your neighborhood pool.
Even without the aid of mysterious otherworldly cocoons, regular swimming can offer anyone, especially older adults, a wide range of health benefits -- including feeling and looking younger. Here, we'll dive into the 10 ways taking to the water can boost your health.
10. The ability to do more with less
9. Increased Muscle tone and strength
8. Improved Flexibility
7. A Healthier Heart
6. Weight Control
5. Improved Asthma Symptom
4. Improve Cholestrol
3. Lower risk of Diabetes
2. Lower Stress, Higher Spirits and a Better Brain
1. You just might live longer.
All the above health benefits have been discussed in clinical studies.
Enjoy your swim. Join us at Pulau Bangsar on weekdays.
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  1. I have to increase my swim then. Enjoy your sessions !!