Monday, July 23, 2012

Eating your food and taking your supplements

We are what and how we eat.

Eating food and taking your supplements is not just popping foods and capsules into your mouth. Following certain guidelines can enhance the food and supplements in the body. Medications are generally precise when they are to be taken. Before, during or after meals.

We should eat our meals on a regular basis. Supplements are in essence extracts of foods, vitamins and nutrients and should be consumed in the most conventional way as eating our foods.

Following 20 guidelines from Patrick Holford's book below will ensure proper combination of foods and digestion of the supplements.

1. Do not consume supplements more than the recommended daily amount.

2. Eat most of your supplements with the first meal of the day.

3. Take your supplements 15 minutes before or after meals or during meals.

4. Do not take Vitamin Bs late at night.

5. Take your extra minerals eg. Calcium and Magnesium in the evening.

6. Separate taking your multivitamins eg. Vitamin Bs and Vitamin C for different meal times.

7. Always take individual minerals together with a general multivitamin.

8. If you re taking copper mineral, make sure you are also taking 10 times more zinc.

9. Take your amino acids on an empty stomach or with carbohydrate foods/ fruit.

10. Irregular taking of supplements does not work.

11. Taking caffine and carbohydrate together spikes sugar levels in the blood.

12. Do not eat soft fruits after a protein rich meal.

13. Eat foods as raw or as lightly cooked as possible.

14. Do not eat when you are stressed.

15. Chew well on all you foods before swallowing.

16. Dtart your meal with something raw. Eg. Salad.

17. Eat whole foods.

18. Eat your protein and carbohydrates together.

19. Drink at least 8 glasses of water.

20. Get your Vitamin D from sunlight.

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Allen Lai


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