Thursday, December 8, 2011

Leadership for Health and Caring Malaysia

Last month I had two posts namely, I am now Cancer Free and Leaders Needed. My new year's resolution for 2012 is to set up a team of leaders in Leadership for Health and Caring Malaysia (LHCM)

LHCM is organised to promote good health and to provide caring to all Malaysians who are in need of assistance and care, irrespective of race, religion or political inclinations. We have no boundaries.
Leaders are expected to create purpose and values in every LHCM programmes.

Tasks for leaders may include:
Volunteering to health and caring projects in their communities.
Identifying organisations and people in needs for assistance and caring in their communities.
To form and mobilise their own team members.
To source for contributions and donations for LHCM projects.
To share ideas and projects in the advancement of LHCM.

Join me to take some small but sure steps to grow into our new noble roles. If you are likeminded or knows anybody who are likeminded, you can contact me at 013 3948839. Or Email to

We already have some tentative projects in the pipeline. Help us to realise them. Thank you.

Take care.
Allen Lai

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