Sunday, December 11, 2011

KL Prostrate Cancer Support Group Annual Lunch 2011

 Mr Das with Master Yap

 Planning for the coming year ?

 Chit chats

 Mr Rama, new member

Miss Filial Daughter with Mr Das's contagious smile

Hi all,

The Kuala Lumpur Prostrate Cancer Support Group held its annual get-together at a buffet lunch at the CitiTel Hotel KL on 10 December 2011. This is the annual tradition  for members to end the year on a high note. Another year survived, another year cancer free.

About 35 members with their wives and caregivers from the Kuala Lumpur and Subang Medical Centre groups, attended the sumptuous buffet lunch spread. The food and variety of dishes offered was something we old folks and diabetes alike would die for. And eat all we did, with all cautions thrown into the wind. After all it was only a "once only affair" with the sin foods. It was after all celebration time.

We wish to thank Mr Das and most filial daughter who had initiated all these group meetings and get-together for us. We had a successful year 2011 and look forward to another year to come. Thank you Mr Das, you are our inspiration for your relentless efforts to bring information, knowledge and good practices for all of us. You made the difference for us and we will continue to look forward to your leadership and smiles. We are all glad that Mr Das's confidence and smiles are contagious.

We also wish to thank Master Yap our QiGong Sifu and Mr Choo from Subang Medical Centre for gracing the function.

We wished everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The function finished past 3 pm that afternoon.
Take care

Allen Lai

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