Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zhineng QiGong

Hi all

I have being practicing QiGong for the past three months under Master Yap with the National Cancer Society  Malaysia. Now almost on practically a daily basis. The form of Qigong I practice is Zhineng QiGong.

There are as many forms of QiGong as there are masters of the practice. In the book The complete idiot’s guide to Tai Chi and QiGong, master Bill Douglas  (Founder of World Tai Chi and QiGong Day) explained that Tai Chi is a form of QiGong, and they are essentially the same. They stem from the same roots for concepts and movements. However whilst Tai Chi is totally QiGong, All QiGong is Not Tai Chi.
Huh? Whatever.
Do not be confused and disturbed by the mysteries and myths of these ancient sciences of healings and wellness regimes. Just practice QiGong or Tai Chi.

Just practice.

I do not wish to dwell on the benefits and cures by practicing QiGong. Suffice to say it cannot do you any bad. There are just too many benefits to pen and too many explanations to explain. I’ll let you go to the QiGong Institute to find the answers you are looking for. The institute has loads of studies and clinical trial’s reports for your answers.

Enjoy QiGong. You will love it like me, and all others.
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Allen Lai


  1. Qigong—Chinese mind/body exercises--helped me immensely in my successful battles with four bouts of supposedly terminal bone lymphoma cancer in the early nineties. I practiced standing post meditation, one of the most powerful forms of qigong--as an adjunct to chemotherapy, which is how it should always be used.
    Qigong kept me strong in many ways: it calmed my mind--taking me out of the fight-or-flight syndrome, which pumps adrenal hormones into the system that could interfere with healing. The deep abdominal breathing pumped my lymphatic system—a vital component of the immune system. In addition, qigong energized and strengthened my body at a time when I couldn't do Western exercise such as weight-lifting or jogging--the chemo was too fatiguing. And it empowered my will and reinforced it every day with regular practice. In other words, I contributed to the healing process, instead of just depending solely on the chemo and the doctors. Clear 14 years and still practicing!

    Bob Ellal
    Author, ‘Confronting Cancer with the Qigong Edge’

  2. Hi Mr Ellal,

    Thank you for sharing your success story with us. Please allow me the liberty to highlight your response in my blog and also to provide a link to your article in www.selfgrowth.com.

    God bless you.

    Allen Lai