Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Afiq


 The occasion

 Me and Afiq


Having a blast

I was very happy to have received an email from Afiq's mother  last week. Afiq is well and is on his last leg of treatments for Consolidation. It means Afiq's prognosis is good and that he has responded well to the chemos administered over several months in HUKM. Thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff who had help to get Afiq to get better.

Afiq can now go home, but needs to be on day care treatments in the hospital for maintenance of medications and observations.

I was with Afiq, his 2 siblings, Nenek and his parents last Sunday in a Telematch party organised for cancer kids in three major hospitals in KL. The party was held in the closed stadium in Titiwansa, KL.

Afiq was beaming and very happy to see me. We high fived and hugged. Afiq looks very good in his T shirt and jeans with a red bandana scaf on his head. How cool and handsome.

I am glad to note all the participating kids were having a bast in games organised. This is what all kids should be doing all the time. Thank you to CARES for all your care.

I am glad Afiq and I bonded well,We we look forward to more gatherings together when he is more recovered. I promised to see him next at the Putrajaya Night Run in mid January 2011.

Welcome home Afiq. You made all of us proud seeing, you so happy and courageous.

Allen Lai


  1. Allen, you are a great soul :) do keep me posted abt pnm cos I might come back and would love to meet you both

  2. Hi Junebaby,
    Thanks for your kind words. I will certainly keep you in the loop about PNM. As of now we only know the scheduled date. Will be looking for the event timings so as to plan something for Afiq. Most likely we will see the flag off followed by dinner in Putrajaya. Afiq should not be out for too long as he is still recuperating.
    Hope to see you and your family.
    Allen Lai