Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Movember Founder - TrueNTH

Physical activity and regular exercising are strongly recommended as part of cancer treatments and recovery. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Get to know that exercises have no contradictions to any form of cancer treatments. There are special considerations for every cancer stage and treatment types. Get to know specifically the stress and limitations to metastastic cancer, particularly when cancer has spread to the bones. See above chart.

One of the best websites dedicated to exercises for PCa patients is TrueNTH, an initiative by Austrialian's Movember Foundation. This site is comprehensive and has programmes for starters and advance levels of exercises for every stage of the cancer. 

Get qualified explanations on the benefits of exercising and more so the cautions and special programmes for matestastic cancer. How to exercise safe. Be mindful of the Dos and Donts when exercising. The FAQ section has answers to most of our questions. And there are downloads for all your exercise needs with specific exercises planers.

Visit TrueNTH here:

Take care, happy exercising and enjoy your physical activities.

Thank you Movember Foundation.

Allen Lai

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