Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comparing Treatment Options for PCa

We want to survive PCa and remain PCa free. Our survivability and prognosis will depend largely on the strategies and treatments adopted. Most of us would like to know what is best for us. Indeed there are many treatments for PCa at each degree and level of PCa. It will be best to discuss with our Oncologist what is best for us. Studies have given some statistics to assist us in choosing what could be the best options for us.

However we should always realise that statistics are just guidelines only. Your age, overall state of health and physicals are more important at any point of time. Do not depend on statistics only. Keep fit and moving to achieve the best prognosis post treatments.

The Prostrate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation has produced a very comprehensive tool to show the effectiveness of the many types of current standard treatments and to compare them for three levels of risks groups. These statistics represent not just survivability but include survival without PCa recurrence.

Visit the site here:

Do read the tutorial and explanations before viewing your chart.

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