Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feel Good Feeling Good

Me in February 2013

Hurray I am a happy person, happy because I am feeling good. I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer towards the end of 2009. My PSA was 27 and by biopsies showed stage 3 Local Advance with a Gleason Score of 3 plus 4.

I was treated in HUKM KL by Oncologist Encik Mohammad Azrif, now with Prince Court Hospital KL. Dr Azrif told me the magic words. It is curable. He prescribed a dual modality of Radiation Therapy and Hormone Therapy.

I started with my first injection of Zoladex on 14 January 2010 and continued to received Zoladex every three months for three years. My last Zoladex was administered on 8 November 2012.

My first Radiation Therapy started on 14 April 2010 after three months from my first Zoladex. My Radiation Therapy was prescribed for 32 daily sessions with weekends off. Zoladex was continued for three years.

 My recent visit to the Oncologist was a happy moment. I was feeling good. My PSA at Nadir was 0.02. Nadir is the lowest and most stable PSA reading post treatment. Dr Azrif correctly understood my cancer and applied the correct modality to address the cancer. He was right when he said it is curable. Thank you Dr Azrif.

What is next?

For the last three years I researched deeply into cancer treatments and gained as much knowledge as possible. It is imperative that I must continue the fight against the Cancer in me. There are so much literature and stories from the health industry. All very informative, supportive and means well. But I had learnt to sieve through the myriad of information.

The bottom line is my body immune system will have to take over the fight.  I must activate my first line defence. A second round of conventional treatments will be very harsh and harder to manage, particularly if cancer has spread and caused secondary cancer in other parts of the body.

 I am very grateful to my Oncologist Dr Mohammad Azrif and all the staff of HUKM for their wonderful treatments, support and management towards a successful cure for me.

I am feeling good.

Allen Lai

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