Monday, October 15, 2012

Relay For Life 2012

 me, Fighting!!!

Good job NCSM and thank you for RFL every year

Relay For Life 2012 in Kuala Lumpur was a very successful event. It had rained for the past two full days and we had thought we would have a wet evening. But God was kind and it stopped abruptly at 4.00 pm and  thence a beautiful and fresh evening and night.

I enjoyed the occasion and shared our joy in celebrating Life with all our cancer survivors. Four dedications were read and memories shared for our departed friends.

The Survivor's lap flagged off at 6 pm followed by groups of our support groups. Tentages were arranged in rows in the middle of the stadiums for over night stay. All the survivor's marque tentages were well manned and patronised.

The lighting of the luminaries was very touching, love and memories shared with one and all.

The evening's celebrating included music and performances by volunteer groups. Malaysia's celebrities also came up on stage. And lastly there were tons of good foods in the food hall.
I will let my pictures uploaded to my Facebook to tell the rest of the story.

Visit my Facebook at laikimhinn to download any picture at will.

I will certainly attend next years Relay for Life. To celebrate Life.
Take care

Allen Lai

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