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Recent FDA approved drugs for Prostrate Cancer 2012

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I had relentlessly sought to know more about cancer and in particularly Prostrate Cancer to update myself and to share this knowledge. I have the skills and tools to browse the internet for the latest information and the basic aptitude to vet and discuss the issues presented. I am not a doctor in anyway nor a quack, But I do try my best to digest everything worthwhile and to share what is relevant. Below are some of the recently approved cancer drugs approved by the FDA.

Some of the recently approved prostate cancer drugs that have been shown to prolong life:

Provenge. A vaccine approved by the FDA in April 2010 that primes a man's immune system to attack an existing tumor. Sold by Dendreon. It costs $93,000 for a standard course of three treatments. Provenge is now available in Malaysia.

Cabazitaxel. A new form of chemotherapy, approved in June 2010, and sold by Sanofi-Aventis under the name Jevtana. The typical six cycles cost about $50,000.

Abiraterone. Approved in April 2011, and sold by Janssen Biotech under the brand name Zytiga, it deprives tumors of testosterone. An eight-month course of treatments costs about $47,000. Zytiga is now available in Malaysia.

Enzalutamide. Approved in August 2012, enzalutamide, sold under the name Xtandi and developed by Medivation and Astellas Pharma, blocks the ability of testosterone to enhance cancer growth. A typical eight-month treatment costs nearly $60,000.

Radium 223. Still awaiting FDA approval, this drug from Bayer HealthCare would carry radioactive particles deep into the bone where tumors are spreading, and kill cancer cells.

Most of the above drugs should be available in Singapore.

Sources: Lee Kalowski, Credit Suisse Group; Howard Scher, Memorial Sloan-Kettering; Philip Kantoff, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

For full treatments options, you may want to read the latest information from this website

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