Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prostrate Cancer Support Group Meeting

Mr Das (left)

The NCSM Prostrate Cancer Support Group held its bi-monthly meeting on Thursday 16 August 2012.  
Attendance was fair and we had a new member joining the group.

The group's founding chairman Mr Das discussed two important books that all members should read, namely, After Cancer by Dr Arnold Melman and Anti Cancer - A new way of life by Dr David Servan-Schreiber . These two books were recommended as mandatory reading materials.


The main topic discussed in the meeting was Understanding Cancers that metastasize to the bones. NCSM had just presented a talk by by Consultant Oncologist Dr Mohammad Azrif last weekend which covered bone cancers; its types, symptoms and treatments.

Two members who are experiencing bone cancer metastasized from prostrate cancer were present during the meeting. Many new drugs and procedures were discussed and shared. One of the members shared his personal experience with pain and the protocol/pain killers that he had being prescribed.

Mr Subbiah and Mr Wong

Mr Das also gave a informative handout of common cancers that metastases to the bones, its symptoms and treatments to all present. Treatments include Radiotherapy, Radiopharmaceuticals, Abalation, Bisphosphonates, Denosumab, Surgery and Injections of bone cements. These treatments can be easily read in the internet.

Sabah Snake Grass was also discussed and explained in depth.

Ms Adelene from NCSM later invited us to register and join the Relay For Life event to be held in October 2012.

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