Monday, August 13, 2012

Bone Cancer

Dr Mohammad Azrif

Last Saturday 11 August 2012. The National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) invited us to a talk on bone cancer by Consultant Clinical Oncologist Dr Mohammad Azrif from the Prince Court Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur. We were also given an insight to Nuclear Medicine and types of scannings by Consultant Radiologist Dr Sulaiman Tamanang from Nuclear Medical Centre, NCSM.

The presentation by Dr Azrif covered the facts and figures behind bone cancer, the role of nuclear medicine in bone cancer detection and its treatments available.

Section of the participants

Treatments offered 

Combined Pet and CT scanning for better images

Protect the terrain

There are two types of bone cancer, Primary and Secondary. Treatments are totally different for both types of bone cancer. Primary bone cancer is fairly rare in Malaysia, but Secondary bone cancer is on the increase in Malaysia. Primary bone cancer means that the cancer originate from the bones and Secondary bone cancer means cancer had metastasis from its original organ/host.

Secondary bone cancer stems from several types of cancer, mainly from thyroid cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostrate cancer, colon cancer and kidney cancer. Most Secondary bone cancers are found in the spinal cord and long bones. Pain is usually dull but will not cease and it tends to drag on in intensity. Major symptoms include Spinal cord compression, numbness, weakness and sometimes paralysis.

Dr Sulaiman 

Nuclear Medicines have come a long way. NCSM have a Nuclear Medical Centre. Scanners do not emit radiation. Radiation injections are given an hour or two before scanning. Several type of scanning may be combined to produce better imaging. Pet scans and CT scans are some of the services offered by the centre.

A typical scanner

Fifty or more people attended the talks and participated well in the questions and answers sessions. Lunch was served at the end of the talk.

We are glad the medical science are in place for us now

Thank you NCSM for making us more aware of cancer and related talks.

Allen Lai

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