Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy birthday Mr Das

Yesterday we had our usual bimonthly Prostrate Cancer Support Group meeting at the Subang Medical Center. We were pleasantly surprised when the birthday cake was brought out at the end of the session.
Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day Mr Das.
We all have a third eye. Yes, close both your eyes and you can still see.
When I was diagnosed with cancer I saw darkness, death, and all things bleak. Unbelievable but very real and scary. Then I saw my family and relatives. I saw love with sadness. Then I saw my close friends. I saw pity and helplessness.
Then I met and saw Mr Das. I saw a light. I saw encouragement. I saw my mentor. Thank you Mr Das, you are a beacon extraordinary. Your leadership, dedication and passion to help others are worth our emulation. We are surviving cancer, post treatments with your guidance and knowledge. New members saw hope, focus and direction from you.
God bless you and take care.
Allen Lai

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