Friday, March 4, 2011

Prostrate Cancer treatments and its complications

Hi all,
NCSM’s Empowerment Programme has organized a talk on prostrate cancer treatments and its complications, by Dr Murali Sundram, Head of the Urulogy Department HKL on Saturday 26 March 2011from 12.00 to 2 pm in NCSM’s premise. All cancer patients and care givers are cordially invited. Light lunch will be served.
I would personally recommend all gentlemen above 45 years old, irrespective of whether they are cancer patients or not, to attend this important talk. Prostrate cancer strikes silently and without any direct symptoms to the disease. I was perfectly healthy, fit and normal except for symptoms of a normal enlarged prostrate, that I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at stage three local advanced. I was lucky that I was just in time, as early treatment is the key to good prognosis. Be wiser than me, know your prostrate as early as possible.

Do call up for a reservation for the limited seats. Call Adeline at 0326987300.

Thank you NCSM for the talk.
Take care

Allen Lai

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