Friday, March 25, 2011


Me and Afiq

I visited Afiq in HUKM yesterday. He was during his scheduled chemo cycle. I am pleased that Afiq has responded very well to his treatments in HUKM. Most importantly Afiq is eating well throughout his treatment session. He has also gained some weight.
Afiq had checked into the ward the previous night for his day care treatment. He was sleeping soundly when I visited him at 10.00am yesterday. I managed to speak to Afiq’s parents for awhile. When Afiq woke up he was immediately cheerful when he saw me. We high- fived and exchanged tons of smiles. Inspite of his cheerfulness Afiq was initially somewhat shy. I am not sure of the reason but with a bit of cheering he soon warmed up and responded well to my queries about his health and activities. We had nasi lemak banana leaf for mid morning breakfast.

Treatment for Leukemia is a long haul task. I am pleased that the Oncology Pediatric Ward HUKM is almost empty. This hopefully means that most of the kids warded before have been discharged and are happily on the road to full recovery. Thanks for the dedicated doctors and staff of HUKM.

Take care

Allen Lai

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