Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New day in the New year in the New me

Peggy and me

Where do I start? It is all brand new. A new me, I feel good and feeling good. A refreshed me with my PSA level at 0.03. I am fixed and I am doing well enough to begin taking long walks. My QiGong practices are coming along as well; with smoother movements and fuller breathings. Chinese New Year 2011 is over leaving me heavier by 3kg. My waistline is now a proud round belly and an inch wider. My trousers has become a wee bit too tight.

This is where I start for my new year.

I suppose what my new day starts with depends on what I did the previous day. What time did I go to sleep to be precise. If I sleep late like 4 am or so, I will wake up late and miss the morning altogether. If I sleep early, usually not earlier that 2 am in the morning, I will be up and about by 8 am latest. But who cares If I sleep early or late. I have time the next day unless I have scheduled for plan A in my mind and my wife has plan B in her mind. But she won’t tell me what is in her mind any earlier; until when she wants to do it. Not much of a plan isn’t it.

I start my new day by doing my business and cleaning up. I will have 2 cups of just plain water followed by an orange/papaya/kiwi fruit. I will then offer my daily morning prayers at my family altar in the house. After prayers I will then take my daily morning medications followed by breakfast of cereals.

After breakfast I will alternate between my morning long walks in the neighbourhood and QiGong practice in my garden which is usually 1.5 to 2 hours. I will then have a light lunch at home. A quick nap follows, sometimes not so quick. Nap is followed by an afternoon/ evening TV session of Korean dramas.

After evening prayers at home, my wife and I will go to my mother in law’s place in PJ for dinner throughout the weekdays. We will spend the whole evening there until 9 pm when we come home to sleep. Our night TV session starts from 10 pm each night until we finish all the cliff hangers in the Korean TV dramas. Hence we do not sleep until 4 am each day.

Unless we have plan A or plan B for the day, my day is quite routine as described. Am I having a good day? Am I living well? I am not too sure for now, but I am surely enjoying my new year of life doing what I like doing.

Allen Lai

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