Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Links to websites on cancer information

I have being browsing the internet for information and remedies for all types of cancers for the past year. There are really many ready websites popping up as cancer is the rage disease today. Professional, industrialists, entrepreneurs, and good souls all had put up these websites. Some are really good and informative, whilst others promote their remedies. For what it is worth, it is a good read but we must be totally aware of the complexity of cancer and that each patient respond differently to each type of remedy. Hence read each information with absolute caution and always consult with your Oncologist its effects and implications. Be very sure whatever remedies you take it is consistent with your current treatments.
I wish to append some of the sites that I use with confidence and hope that you will be able to rely on them too.
Read the links in the tab Useful Links above.
Take care and get well soon.
Allen Lai

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