Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mr. Hongchi Xiao

Hi All,
I append Mr Hongchi Xiao's recent interview for your attention.Please watch until the end to comprehend. His work is awesome. He advocates self healing and there is a lot of truth in what he is practicing. My sifu Master Yap teaches the same techniques. It works and its free.
I have seen many fellow patients giving up medical treatment because it is just too expensive. Most sell off their houses and expand their life's savings, not to mention draining off children and caregivers economically. Prevention is the best cure for all illness.
Thank you Mr Hongchi Xiao, you are an angel in passing by our lives.

Visit his website here:
Take care
Allen Lai


  1. I have practiced Xiao Lao Shi's method and have improved both my back problem and eczema. I went to China to attend 2 of his week long workshops. I have written a post about it on his website at I hope my story inspires other English speakers as well as teenagers.

    I also have a blog now talking about this stuff. Thanks!

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  4. The link that you gave for his website and the previous link underneath the vid does not work. Are there other links? Is he coming to London, UK, sometime this year? Many thanks.