Friday, January 7, 2011

The Infantry

The Infantry is the foot soldier. I had discussed combat power in my previous post and I had deliberately left out the basic foot soldier as an element of combat power. The Infantry foot soldiers are awesome fighting troops. They are always organized into sections, platoons, battalions, brigades and divisions. The Infantry Division is the most complete and self- sustaining formation in any army. It is always battle ready and is organized to advance, attack, defence, or tactically redeploy at will. Most importantly, the Infantry is the only combat power capable to hold ground. I know, as I was the Ketua Staff (Chief of Staff) of the Malaysia Fourth Infantry Division.

Our body cells are our Infantry foot soldiers. They live and fight to destroy our body enemies daily in all parts of our bodies. Every second and every minute of the day and night. Every terrain, every ground of tactical importance and every vital ground is held by our good body cells, particularly the cells known as T cells. Our body combat troops cannot sleep nor rest. And our good body cells need bullets, food and protection to perform it vital role to destroy the enemies within our bodies. Our good body cells need to be immune to the counter attacks by our body enemies, It must be particularly immunized to withstand the proliferation of cancer cells.

We cannot overlook the importance of getting our good body cells to be strong and vitalized at all times. It needs all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to be strong and vigilant. A sick person has poorly nourished body cells. He will succumb to the enemy in time. The sick person’s body gives up the battle easily. We cannot compromise a healthy body. A person with cancer cells is not unhealthy and need not be unhealthy. He has cancer to be dealt with. A problem to be solved. He needs his good body cells to attack and destroy the cancer cells. Our body cells are the best fighting troops against cancer.

My earlier posts have described various approach to make our bodies strong and healthy. We must have a plan to provide good food, nutrition, minerals, antioxidants and rest for our body. I basically eat 80% fruits and vegetables and 20% of meats. I also particularly eat my fruits before meals, as digestion of vitamins are better on an empty stomach. I take my medication and supplements on a regular scheduled basis. I make sure to have regular rest time at night for my body cells to reorganise and recuperate. I am a good commander. I know my troops better than their mothers do.

Allen Lai

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