Thursday, April 30, 2015

Prostrate Cancer Relative Survival Rate - SEER 1975 -2012 report released 2015

It is most encouraging to note that relative survival past 15 years since 1996 till today are all 90 plus percentage.

Definition of relative survival by SEER

Relative survival is a net survival measure representing cancer survival in the absence of other causes of death. Relative survival is defined as the ratio of the proportion of observed survivors in a cohort of cancer patients to the proportion of expected survivors in a comparable set of cancer free individuals. The formulation is based on the assumption of independent competing causes of death. The relative survival adjusts for the general survival of the U.S. population for that race, sex, age, and date at which the age was coded. If age, race, sex, or year information is missing, that individual is excluded from the analysis.


Allen Lai

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