Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What is it to be in remission?

My PSA levels

Yesterday, I did my regular checkup in the Institute Kanser Negara, Putrajaya. The Oncologist was pleased with my PSA numbers for the past two years, albeit rising slowly after my last hormone treatment. My PSA readings had a trend of a high rise and a low rise intermittently. But the last PSA reading showed NO rise at all and remaining at 0.18 ng/ml. My PSA level is significantly too low to worry about for now. 

The doctor told me that I am in remission, and do not worry about my cancer for now. Live the best lifestyle as possible for as long as possible. PSA levels are not designed for patients to analyse nor to worry about. The PSA readings are for your Oncologist to monitor your cancer. Let the doctor see the bigger picture as the PSA level is only one of the factor to consider. There may be other threats to the body like problems with other organs and having other diseases in the body.

That’s it. you are in remission. Live your life and do your thing until your PSA readings reflect something radical and that is compounded by some physical symptoms. Otherwise you are in remission.

I wish to share other views about remission in the link below:

Take care all,

I am off to celebrate. I am in remission.

Allen Lai

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