Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rise and Fall of PSA post radiotherapy and hormone therapy

My personal PSA movements

I have interesting news to share with those who chose Radiotherapy combined with Hormone Therapy treatments.

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During one dialog I had a reply from Mr Richard Davis who had an interesting theory to share. That is our PSA will rise after we finished out Hormone treatment, AND it will rise until a certain point when it will possible plateau out or return back to zero level. 

He showed me a sketch graph illustrating the theory or Hypothesis developed by a prominent Oncologist / Radiologist in MD Andersons Hospital.

I produced my own graph with EXCEL as shown above with explanations to the theory.

X = Time line for 4 years, the normal time for Radiation to continue to be effective is between 3 to 5 years or even more years for some.

Y = PSA levels.

RED LINE is PSA decline due to Radiation without additional treatment of ADT.

BLUE lines show PSA rise for those people after stopping ADT at 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. I stopped after 36 months. 

I started off with PSA = 27 ng/ml with my last ADT injection on 36 months. My PSA started to rise again after stopping Zoladex.

My PSA level is now 0.18 ng/ml after 18 months from stopping Zoladex injections.

My PSA will be expected to rise until it meets the RED PSA line created by Radiation treatment AND thence will start to decline ALONG the Red line.

Please note PSA bumps are experienced with mostly Brachytherapy. I did not get the bump after 12 - 24 months after my radiation.

I hope this theory will hold true as Mr Richard has assured me that he himself and others had experienced this trend of PSA leveling out and then returning back to zero.

A paper will be presented on this hypothesis hopefully soonest.

Take care all,

Allen Lai

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