Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine Therapy (HITV)

Dr CK Beh

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Dr Beh answering all the questions from the floor

Engrossed with the new developments in fighting cancer

Mr Dass presented a small momento of appreciationfrom NCSM to Dr Beh

The National Cancer Society Malaysia hosted a talk for the Prostrate Cancer Support Group on Human Initiated Therapeutic Vaccine Therapy (HITV) by Dr CK Beh on Saturday 13 July 2013.
The session was well attended as the topic covered is deemed the latest weapon in the fight against cancer and it is now available in Malaysia. HITV therapy involves Dendritic cells and the immune system in the body.

Dr Beh presented Dr Kenichiro Hasumi's HITVprotocol. Below is the link for further information on the protocol.


Dr Beh also briefly introduced another protocol in gene therapy. Inoculation of the P53 cancer suppressor gene. This protocol is now available only in China, but Dr Beh will be able to facilitate it here in Malaysia if given proper documentation and approval by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

 Google for Gene P53 tumour suppressor gene therapy for cancer as there are a lot of information about this new protocol.

Dr Beh is from the Mahameru International Medical Centre located in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

Allen Lai

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