Friday, March 16, 2012

Preventing and Fighting Cancer Nutritionally

 Call me for sharing more slides

Last Saturday on 10 March 2012, NCSM hosted a very informative talk on the above subject by Mr Jagdave Singh. Mr Jagdave is currently the president of the Malaysian Dietary Supplenment Association and a member of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical society.

The talk was well attended with more than 50 participants.
Mr Jagdave talk was very informative and relevant both to cancer survivors and non cancer people. He covered the essential foods and nutritions needed to ward off cancer in particular and for inflammation in general. His contents are well researched, current and focused to the issues that really make us unwell.

He illustrated his talk with more than 50 slides. I post some herein.
You may contact me to discuss any foods and nutritions as I took down lots of notes and slides.
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Allen Lai

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