Monday, November 15, 2010

The China Study

The China Study is not about China. It is about you and me and what goes on inside our bodies after we have eaten. There are books on nutrition’s and there are books on nutrition’s. In fact too many in the bookshops to confuse us.

The China Study is a medical scientific study undertaken by the US for the past 40 years. The title of this book is taken from the China-Oxford-Cornell Study on dietary, Lifestyle and disease Mortality Characteristics in 65 Rural Chinese Counties.

The project covered 12 kinds of cancer in over 2400 countries and 800 million people. This report should be worth your while to read and to have a basic understanding of the relationships between diseases and the foods/nutrition we eat.  The China Study is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted.
I do not wish to write a review about this book. Suffice to say that is had been the best seller in its category. The book is written by D Colin Campbell, and it is available in all major book stores and libraries.

Read it as it may save your life later on.

Allen Lai

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