Sunday, October 31, 2010

High Fives

Afiq receiving the TNF medal

I visited the Pediatric Ward HUKM again on Friday 29 October. Almost all the children were still in the ward. The only signs left of our event were some kids had actually hung their medals on the beds and on the wall behind them. Only one purple balloon was still on one of the bed albeit about the size of a tennis ball. Kids do love balloons.

Visiting the rooms

 Karen giving the medals

Kooky and Afiq

As I entered the ward, Afiq cheerfully waived to me. He was actually happy and glad to see me. We high fived. I also met Afiq's parents and had a long chat with them. Afiq was the kid who had received Kooky's TNF medal. I am very pleased to hear from the parents that Afiq had responded well to his treatments and would be discharged soon.

Little things mean a lot, even High Fives. I append below Afiq's mother's note to me the next day. Afiq's happiness had made my day.

Hi uncle,
sorry dah lama i tak buka email. thanks uncle atas info yg u berikan.We all memang mengharapkan bantuan dan bimbingan from u. terima kasih sebab uncle sudi datang pagi tadi.Afiq sangat gembira dengan kedatangan uncle.Last time uncle datang pun dia asyik cerita pasal uncle "give me 5 ". keep in touch yea...

Remember to High Fives kids when you see them.

Allen Lai

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